Voice / Singing


For a performer or speaker the voice has to fulfil certain demands, especially in situations where we are vocally exposed and need to be “in control” of it. We want it to “sit right”. On some deep level we are aware that it is our acoustic fingerprint and we know that we are judged by how we sound and come across.

Simone’s approach is rooted in the work of voice practitioners such as Cicely Berry, Patsy Rodenburg and Kristin Linklater.
Its aim is to help find:
•   Optimum resonance and support
•   Vocal flexibility and projection
•   Clear articulation and presence


Singing is essentially extended speech. With having to sustain the sound (and therefore the exposure of it) the desire to control and support the voice can be higher.
Based on such techniques as developed by Jo Estill as well as Seth Riggs the singing work focuses on:
•   Extending vocal range
•   Controlling vocal bridges (passagio)
•   Accessing and using different timbres