Dialogue / Language


Having to act in an accent or dialect different from your own can be a daunting endeavour. It can also be an interesting experience. Speaking “Received Pronunciation” or German “High Speech” can be like speaking in another accent. This work helps you adapt a native or regional accent where this is called for.
It also supplies you with simple and specific techniques that enable you to create the sound scape that is appropriate for a role and to make it part of the character.

When having to act in another language with an international cast it is important to be “at home” in that language, to truly make it your own so that it does not impede your acting.
This work helps you to be confident and convincing in a language that is not your native tongue.
You will:
•   Find ownership of the foreign script
•   Improve fluency and pronunciation in a language other than your own:
->   English (Standard Southern English, Standard American a. o.)->   German